Tatale Stir-Fry ¢65
seasonal vegetables, marinated tofu, brown rice
Fufu ¢55
choice of palm nut or almond butter soup, served with sautéed mushrooms, tofu, aubergine & […]
Abolo & Ghanaian Greens ¢48
corn bake, served with a stew of seasonal greens & black-eyed beans
Ben’s Egusi ¢52
flavoured with Indian spices, served with boiled yam or brown rice
Coconut Dhal ¢50
lentil stew, served with aubergine & cauliflower, brown rice
Carrot Tart ¢55
served with sweet potato bakes, steamed vegetables, tomato & basil sauce
Sweet Potato Potage ¢48
seasoned with garlic & ginger, served with sautéed vegetables
Tatale Gardens ¢100
A sharing platter for 2 or more with a selection of our favourite dishes from […]
Vegetable Stroganoff ¢65
seasonal vegetables, cashew nut cream, served with brown rice
Chickpea & Vegetable Curry ¢55
served with brown rice
Tatale Jollof ¢45
our interpretation of the classic rice dish, served with salad
Red Red ¢38
Black-eyed bean stew, served with fried plantain